Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's the weekend update

Everyone is still upstairs asleep or being quiet so I thought I'd take some time for a quick update.

Worked yesterday, it went alright I suppose. Was able to get more done than I did on Tuesday without feeling like I was gonna faint or my finger hurting too bad. however, having not been there for awhile and going back has made me realize how not very happy I am there. I have good opportunities there, I'm just not sure it'll be worth the hassle to get there.

We have the kids this weekend. Which means Tae Kwon Do class today. It's funny watching them do it. I'm not really sure if martial arts is gonna be a big thing for any of them; but they seem to enjoy it and are learning some valuable stuff.

We watched The Last Mimzy last night. What a weird movie! I don't quite get the point it wants to make. I understand the whole, "technology and work are tearing families apart and isolating everyone"; but that movie has a weird way of trying to prove that point. Have you seen it? Does is make sense to you?

Tomorrow is Easter for us with Dusti's family. Eggs have been filled and I'm sure it's gonna be a good time. Lots of food and drink, and Jared and I will sit around talking about Dr. Who! (Maybe I should wear my suspenders and bow tie and bring my sonic screwdriver!)

I go back to the Dr. on Tuesday. Hopefully he will tell me I can go back to work. Until then, I only have two days again next week. I'm gonna try to be more productive this week than the last two!

Peaceoutside, I'm off like a prom dress!

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