Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Workin for a Livin. (Do I have to?)

So my "vacation" is almost over. The Dr. has cleared me to start using my left hand again. Said it will still hurt for awhile and it will be about 6 more weeks until it's fully healed; but I'm good to start working again. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I gotta work, we is broke; and with the moving and wedding and everything coming up we need the monies. And I do kind of miss work and lots of the people there. However, I'm not entirely happy there. I feel (and have been told by some of the managers) that for the quality of work I do and the level of resonsibility I have, I'm underpaid. And I'm not getting enough hours. It's the type of job I want; just not in the place I want to be. And not working the past two and a half weeks has been pretty sweet! Not stressing about work, and being able to see Dusti and the kids more has been a lot of fun. It's really reaffirmed my feelings that I would like to be able to work from home; or at the very least, work at a job parttime and be at home more doing something I want to do.

If only I knew what that something was...

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