Saturday, November 5, 2011

NaNoWriMo update (or how I suck at writing)

So it's 5 days in to November; I should be at about 8,500 words. I've almost hit 1,000. Oops. Writing is hard. I've never attempted to write something this big and it's a bit intimidating. It doesn't help that I've suddenly been given more hours at work. Which is a good thing cause I definitely need the money, but when I work 10-13 hours a day I don't really feel like doing much when I get home at night and would rather sleep than get up early to write. Oh, and I also still don't have any idea what I'm really writing. I have a vague plot idea but that's pretty much it. I went to the Write-In today and got quite a bit written; but it's all pretty much random BS babbling. I've got to really get on it if I'm gonna get this done!
In other news, Dusti and I went to Smokey Bones today. Food was decent, service was pretty horrible. Now we're back home and gonna spend the evening chillin and watching zombie movies!! Tomorrow is church and after that Dusti has somehow talked me in to going to the gym and working out with her and Misty; that's gonna be interesting.

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